Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who is Santa Claus?

Who is Santa Claus? Why does he exist?

            Everyone of us knows “Santa Claus” ever since we were little.. He has been introduced by elders through their stories, specifically illustrated by televisions, movies, commercials, books and many more.. We all know the story that “Santa Claus is coming to town..” to give the children their gifts for Christmas.. 

This stout, wearing-all-red-with-black-belt-and-sack-full-o’-gifts-on his back, round spectacles,  his snowy white beard and mustache that almost covers his face that’s why his unrecognizable, has tarried on every kids undemanding imagination… We all believed that “Santa” is really living in North Pole with his many elves. Believed that he is listing the names of the kids who have been good for the year and prepared them his presents.. We all just believed….

But the belief on “Santa Claus” vanishes for many. Santa Claus promises that if they’ve been good they will receive presents… But where are the presents? Gone with the wind? Does Santa’s reindeer lost on their way that’s why the presents can’t reach them?

In fact, Santa Claus is really just a character of a story.. A make-believe..(or maybe a "man" does exist but just for a short time and people exaggerated  his existence.) He existed, just so the children would believe that there will be presents for them on Christmas, so that they will be excited on Christmas day… He was made to create an overjoyed feeling for many, but does this relate to the word “Christmas” itself? The night when Jesus Christ was born? What does Santa’s relation to Jesus, who’s theoretically celebrating His birth that day?

I admired the one who invented “Santa” for he’s “such a hit!” but disappointed because he turned the minds off the true meaning of Christmas… try to ask some kids or even… Adults!!! and ask them what excites them on Christmas.. “SANTA CLAUS!!!” some would say…“ GIFTS!!”,“ NINONG &NINANG’S MONEY!!”( sorry, ninongs and ninangs but kids look for you on Christmas because you give them aginaldos...) Of course, Christmas is about giving but why do we give? “BECAUSE SANTA WILL SEE ME THAT I’M GOOD SO HE’LL GIVE ME PRESENT..” (sighs…) No!!! Parents, if you’re reading this.. you have to make sure your kids know the true meaning of Christmas!! The reason we give, is because of God!

God GAVE His only begotten Son (JESUS) for us because HE LOVES US!! (John 3:16). God loves us and gave us His most precious gift without any condition, all we have to do is just RECEIVE it .(JESUS). 
Try to parallel Jesus Christ to Santa Claus…
·                           Jesus Christ’s birthday was on Christmas day, not sure on the exact day but it is true, for it was written in the Bible (the Living Word), Santa was made maybe during Christmas also by a man- author.
·                           Jesus Christ loves ALL children not just the good ones…unlike Santa who just give his presents for the good ones..
·                           Jesus Christ gift is for EVERYONE. (John 3:16), no delayed comings for you can receive it NOW, He doesn’t need reindeers to fly Him onto your house for He is EVERYWHERE. He knows that everyone’s doing bad things but that’s not the basis of Him giving us His gift. It is the most precious gift you would ever receive for it will last for eternity. Santa’s gifts were just homey-toys that will soon fade…

Santa Claus was almost alike with Jesus Christ with his motivation to let all people believe on him. But the great difference is… Jesus Christ is true! He’s free to anyone who wants to celebrate this Christmas happily. Do you want to celebrate this Christmas with smiley faces? A heart full of hope. Santa may give you a night of happiness, but Jesus can give you a lifetime of joy. Who will you choose now?  

   I wrote this article about 4 years ago, I'm really glad flash drives are invented..haha! Let's celebrate the true meaning of Christmas... Remember, Christmas won't be "Christmas" without Christ!~_~

Much love, ♥


Lisa said...

I'm so thankful that our faith isn't centered around a make-believe character. Jesus Christ is real and He loves us! Amen!

Ray Campbell said...

Thanks for being willing to share this important truth. When you even think of the song "Santa Claus is coming to Town" they even give him Christ-like attributes such as Omnipresence ("he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake") Omnipotence ("He knows when you've been good or bad so be good for goodness sake") Last time I checked it was only God who can do those things!

Have a very blessed Christmas!

jogz said...

It's good that there are still people like you who knows the real essence of Christmas. It's not about the gifts that we receive, or Santa's coming to your house; but, the thing is we have to be prepared for Christ's coming.


thekingpin68 said...

Good for you to point people toward Christ at Christmas. I mention Santa Claus as well, in fact Blue Santa.

Merry Christmas


satire and theology said...

Here is my Christmas post for 2010.


satire and theology said...

Sorry I mean on the satire and theology blog.