Saturday, November 13, 2010


“With our strategy, we are not worried about the size,I believe I can fight the bigger guys even though I am small compared to them. We always believe in our talent.”- Manny Pacquiao

     It is quite obvious that Antonio Margarito (right) has his height and reach advantage over Manny Pacquiao (left) but  Pacquiao has overwhelming advantage in speed compared to Margarito’s massive size advantage. Margarito is a volume puncher who loves to go to the body and a hard body attack is one of the best ways to combat speed. 

    Margarito is notorious for having a strong chin and relentlessly stalking his opponent, but he is extraordinarily slow and throws wide punches. He’ll be vulnerable to Pacquiao’s lightning fast hands unless he doubles his jab, uses it frequently and shortens his other punches.

    I guess its going to be a great match. I just hope Margarito's new trainer won't get too nervous and end up putting another knuckle pad in Margarito's hand wraps!

Menacing Minus

    I'm so much entertained by the fact that Margarito looks like one Mascot in Breaking Point Foundation’s Captain Plus presentation--Menacing Minus! 

    Let's just keep it a secret whose under the mask. I'm sure he won't forgive me for posting this picture. Haha!

   I'm excited for the upcoming fight between MANNY PACQUIAO VS. ANTONIO MARGARITO!!! (But I won't miss church because of this. ;)) I'm just excited to know who'll win. Will Pacman prove to everyone that he'll still be the greatest boxer in our generation? (hmm..I'm starting to sound bias here.) Well...judging by his strategies and his inborn fighting ability, I'm going for Pacman... My kababayan...;)


Walls Blank said...

Hmmm Margarito actually reminds me a lot of a slightly cleaner Rasputin. This is going to be interesting regardless of the outcome.

P.S. Found you through networkedblogs

♥shybutterfly♥ said...

thanks Walls for dropping by, and for the comment!:) your right! its going to be interesting, whoever wins!:)

Anonymous said...

Pacman is the greatest boxer who EVER stepped on the ring! The first boxer in history to win nine world titles in seven different weight divisions. Proud to be pinoy, mabuhay! =D

satire and theology said...

I hope the fight goes well for you Ms. Shy.:)

MissChristal said...

Manny Pacquiao all the way! This is going to be a good match <3 <3

♥shybutterfly♥ said...

He won over Margarito!!:)

thekingpin68 said...

Hope you enjoyed it.

Happy Weekend.

It just snowed here.