Monday, September 15, 2014

Where have I been? I AM LOST!

I seriously have commitment issues! Not in human relationships but in my relationship in writing! ( though I didn't stop writing because as I remember I am paid to write) just failed blogging. So I decided I should overhaul this blog and focus it instead into one topic everyone loves... Food! I've been having a hard time thinking of different topics (my writing job is giving my mind enough reason to explode) and so making this blog focus in one topic would help me keep it and also fulfill my OCD pleasures of organizing haha!

Since the blog title is also related to it, Seven Cups of Rice would be about food, nutrition, healthy living (though eating seven cups of rice at once isn't a healthy thing to do) recipes, and it will also include food for the soul cause we all know men should not live on bread alone. So, you will hear a lot about food, food, and FOOD on the next blog posts! Till then! xo

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