Monday, November 22, 2010


  Some say that being “Busy” means you’re B.U.S.Y 
(Being Under Satan’s Yoke) but to me it’s the contrary,…
well…I’m  B.U.S.Y (Being Under Spirit’s Yield) It was our church 30th anniversary yesterday, and I rarely stayed home since Friday. I have been busy with a lot of preparations, and outreaches… Tiring but joyful….I tried to blog during weekdays but I got problems posting… so I spent the whole week keeping in mind the things that happened. I hope I can recall everything that happened though.

  I think it was days before the preparation when I made myself a logo for Seven Cups of Rice here it is... 

   I made it for my Entrecard profile business card, original photo taken by me.


I also got my free book from Booksneeze this morning.. The title of the book is “Then Sings my Soul.” By Robert J. Morgan. I'm going to write my review about it soon..:~_~

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