Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hands-on cleanliness, hands-off dirt!

Face it.We like to touch... especially our faces and everything (and sometimes everyone) around us. Apparently office computer keyboards are not properly dusted; you pay with money that has passed through all sorts of hands ,you sometimes shake hands with people who may not have the decency to wash theirs regularly. And well; you carry a legion of germs to further spread around. It’s a vicious, rather disgusting cycle, really.

Berry Scented Sanitizer
That’s why hand sanitizers, (I use Assured Instant Hand Sanitizer with moisturizers Berry Scented...I love it cause of it's berry scent... I love strawberries! since I'm not a "perfume person" this works best for me.. I can smell good and be clean at the same time.) alcohol, and even wet wipes have become a purse must have. Its" hands-on cleanliness, hands-off dirt!"

 But what's the importance of sanitation? Why do we have to wash our hands regularly?According to studies, germs are spread out in various ways, one medium is our innocent hands. and because of those innocent hands you might hurt your family, your loved ones... how? when you help spread germs... Germs that their antibodies can't fight...

So why risk?  Prevention is better than cure isn't it? Apply this principle... "Hands-on cleanliness, hands-off dirt!"

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