Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Tummy is Full!

Once again, My tummy is full!
     Last week, I celebrated my birthday with my family. We went to Dampa sa Farmers and we ate fresh from the market food!(you buy fresh ingredients and the restaurants will cook it for you.) From meat, seafood, soups, appetizers,etc etc.. we've been offered a lot of varieties to choose from.
    For years already,we've spent a lot of special bonding times in Dampa so we've already trusted one restaurant that offers us good service and delicious dishes. Thanks to Babc Restaurant . Although it's not known all over the world, or even all over the city, I commend their humble service and hospitality. Truly they have shown how "maasikaso" (Caring),and hospitable Fiipinos are.
   So to start with, these are the dishes we sunk into. (I really don't know what dish you call them,
I'm just about to name them though)
- Buttered Shrimp with Buttered Lemon sauce
-Lityong Kawali
- Halaan (it's a kind of shelled creature but I don't know how it was cooked. All I know is that it has soup!)

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